Mega Liposuction Surgery (Large volume liposuction)

Liposuction, the most commonly known and done by most cosmetic surgeon around the world.

Although liposuction is not a difficult process, but it requires strategic planning and expertise of certain level.

The main goal of a liposuction process is to target the body fat and remove it from the body by giving it a proper sculpted body.

Candidate for Mega Liposuction

Over the last few decades, the Liposuction process has evolved. The advanced liposuction procedure has made the removal of excess fat from the larger area of the body more easier and safer.

Candidates with mega session liposuction should have good health both mentally and physically. The best result is achieved with patients under the 100 kgs mark. A candidate should not expect unreasonable results from the surgery.

Mega Liposuction Procedure

Mega Liposuction is performed the same way as the other liposuction process. The excess fat cells are removed from the body to reduce the body volume and size.

The tumescent method is used in the process of Megaliposuction. A large amount of diluted local anesthetic and adrenalin are infused in the body to melt away the excess fat. The anesthesia results in numbness and constrictions of blood vessels in the body to minimize discomfort for the patient. A small incision is made under the skin and a vacuum suction tube is inserted to extract the fats from the body. A vacuum is created by the suction tube that results in extracting of fat cells through this tube.

Benefits of Mega Liposuction

Benefits of Mega Liposuction is countless. You will definitely get a body of your desire. The side effects are minimal. There is no major complexity after conducting the surgery. However, you will be advised to follow doctor’s instructions and undergo light exercises and take proper meals, to maintain the structure of the body throughout your life. You might experience a bit of pain or swelling post-surgery but that will subside within a matter of a week or ten days.

The Mega Liposuction will help you to maintain a proper body contouring and healthy and tight skin. The risk of damage of blood vessels and nerves is next to zero.

Other Options

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