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Why US?

Experienced Doctors

At ADORN, Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant is done by Dr Harsh Amin, who is a board certified Plastic Surgeon, who is exclusively doing Cosmetic Makeovers.

At ADORN we also have Best Dermatologist Cosmetologist, Dr Shaunak Patel with us in our team to ensure Best Skin Treatment.

Apart from busy private practice, Dr Harsh Amin also serves as an Hon. Cosmetic Surgeon at BJ Medical College , Civil Hospital Ahmedabad, where he teaches Cosmetic Surgery to budding Plastic Surgeons.

Affordable Plastic Surgery

Our prices make it possible for a common man to have best Aesthetic - Cosmetic Surgery at an Affordable Cost without compromising Quality and Safety by Best Plastic Surgeon.

So people from different cities and countries chose ADORN for their Cosmetic Treatments which makes us a most reliable destination for Medical Tourism in India.

Today our Cosmetic Surgery Client base spans across most of the local cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and also more than 52 countries apart from India like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Kenya Dubai etc.

We Care

We understand how it feels when your body does not fit to your projected self image. We have seen people facing depression due to this.

Our team assists you at all levels from first consultation to final results.

We keep improving our services to make sure that you always get better than what you have expected from us.

Dr Harsh Amin Plastic Surgeon , Cosmetic surgeon

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ADORN Cosmetic Clinic is situated at a prime location suitable for our ESTEEMED CLIENTS

We offer in world class Cosmetic Surgery / Treatments, which not only Add to Appearance but ADD TO LIFE.
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