Double Chin Liposuction / Neck liposuction

Double chin or sagging skin around the neck is a sign of bad health.


During weight gain, you seem to even gain weight around the face and neck area. Double chin adds age to your face, you look more old with a bloated face. Sometimes, even exercise can have little effect on that area.


The solution for this problem is quite simple. Undergoing Double chin liposuction is the easiest and safest way to remove all the excess fat around your face area.

Double Chin Liposuction Procedure

The new lot of surgeons are using the method of Tumescent liposuction to enhance the facial features.

Tumescent is the affordable and easy way to remove fat from Face and Neck. The result is more natural with minimal risk, scars and bruises. The recovery time is quite quick as the procedure uses special, local aesthetic to smoothen the skin area without inducing much pain.

The surgery usually takes an hour. During the procedure local anesthesia is given to the patient. The  Cosmetic Surgeon makes small incision under the chin and inserts a small stainless steel tube, referred as Cannula to suck out the excess fat from between the muscle and the skin area. The suction process creates tunnels through the layers of the fat, which later collapses. Once the fat is sucked out, the surgeon make sutures in the area. The sutures and the stitches fade away and  are recovered in a matter of weeks.

Benifts, Risks, and Side effects

With the process, you will definitely get  more sharper features that you would love to flaunt. With good looks come confidence. You will no longer shy away from the public circle.

Risks are minimal in the process of double chin liposuction. There might be complaints of swelling, pain, and bruises immediately after the surgery, however it is quite natural and will be healed in a few weeks. Many patients immediately return to work after the Liposuction surgery. It is suggested that the patient wears compression garment under the chin for quicker recovery.

Other Options

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