Ankles Liposuction / Calf liposuction

Women usually have disproportionate distribution of fat on their legs and usually they find it difficult to lose the weight from the ankles.


The leg looks bulky and fat. Many people have struggled over the years to create a more shapely and sculpted ankles.


Some have found that the Ankle liposuction has finally given them the look that they always desired.

Causes of gaining weight in the ankle area known as “Crankles” 

Crankles are usually found in women, although even some men develop it. Crackles are lack of appearance of ankles.

There various reasons to develop crackles

Some have found that no amount of diet and exercises are enough to treat the Cranckles. In such situations, it is wise to contemplate Ankle liposuction. The procedure is quite a tricky one.  The ankle and leg  fats is mainly composed of superficial fats. The compartment of fat is pretty less on leg and ankles. The Calf liposuction surgery is done rather superficially and needs certain level of precision. It has an increased risk of injury to the sub dermal vascular plexus.  Due to gravity effect, the veins in the legs and ankles is vulnerable to the effects of vascular injury. The area behind the knees has veins and blood vessels that is vulnerable to major injuries. A Cosmetic Surgeon with enough experience and expertise can conduct such type of surgeries A surgeon caliber has delivered a hundred percent and flawless results with much satisfied patients.

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