Thigh & Buttock Lift

Thigh and buttock lifts are ideal for patients who are in relatively good shape with excess skin and fat in the thigh area.

In a thigh and buttock lift, a section of excess skin fat from all around the hip area is surgically removed.

This cosmetic surgery procedure is particularly useful following massive weight loss, such as after gastric bypass surgery.

Who is a candidate?

People who:

  • Have lost skin elasticity of the thigh, hip, or buttock areas.
  • Have skin areas that are saggy.
  • Have thighs that look dramatically better when they lift the lax skin.
  • Intended Result

  • Tighter, more attractive thigh and buttock skin.
  • Improved contours.
  • Decreased irregularities in skin surface.
  • Procedure Description

  • The procedure is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis unless otherwise advised by the surgeon.
  • A surgeon will show you what procedures are available to solve your particular problem. Wide variations in the design of the incisions to meet clothing or personal desires are possible.
  • Lifting the inner thighs may require only short incisions extending from the anterior part of the thigh/groin crease around to the buttock crease.
  • Lateral or anterior thigh lifts can be performed as separate procedures, if desired.
  • Lifting the entire thigh and buttock (circumferential lower-body lift) will require much longer incisions that start in the buttock crease, extend around the groin, come up over the side of the abdomen, and reach over the flank and across the back.
  • The buttock can be lifted with upper or lower scars.
  • Recuperation and Healing

    Other Options

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