Scar Treatment in Ahmedabad

A scar is a line or a patch of tissue that replaces normal skin after injury or disease

Scar revision treatment aims to improve the appearance of scars.

There are many scar revision treatments available and only the most common are discussed here.

About scars

Every time the skin or tissue is cut or damaged it will heal with a scar. Once there is scar it will be there for ever but it can be reduced or restructured with plastic surgery in a way that it is almost invisible

For example, you may have a scar on your skin after an injury, but you can also have scars in deeper tissues or on your internal organs where a cut has been made during surgery.

Causes of scars

Any damage to the skin can cause a scar, including:

The worse the initial damage is to the tissue, the worse the scar will be. Your skin colour, age and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle (for example smoking) will all affect how your skin reacts to the damage.

Types of scars

There are several different types of scar

Treatment of Scars is usually permanent and you may choose to have scar revision plastic surgery treatment. plastic surgery doesn’t guarantee that the scar will be removed, but the treatments aim to make it less obvious and reduce any tightness it may cause. Your skin colour, age and the type of scarring will influence how much improvement you can expect.

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