Hair Transplant (FUE / FUT)

Your hair is major part of your personality. Thick n Dense hairs boost your confidence

Every 3rd men is facing hair loss problem today

Hair Transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss. This gives you a natural looking hairline.

Intended Result

what causes hair loss in men?

Androgenic alopecia accounts for over 90% cases of male pattern baldness. It is dependent solely on two factors – our genes ( hereditory )and the male hormone ‘testosterone’ ( DHT )

Grades of hair loss in male

Graft requirement:

Number of graft required depends upon grade of baldness , donor area ( availability of hairs ) , quality of hairs & patients expectations


FUE method of hair transplant takes individual hair follicles from back of head (donor area) or beard , chest , pubic area ,other body parts and transplants them into the area of thinning/ baldness. Follicles are implanted at a very specific angle & pattern which gives natural results. The whole process takes place under local anaesthetia.

This option is preferred by those who are concerned about visible scarring that can be encountered with other methods & by those clients who intend to have very short hairstyles.


Time taken for the procedure will vary widely depending on the area to be treated and hair density.


This technique of surgical hair transplant involves removing strips of hair instead of individual hair follicles, from donor areas at the back or sides of the head. The surgeon then removes the individual hair units (comprising of 1-3 hairs) and implants these individually into the area of thinning or baldness.

When performed by Qualified Plastic Surgeons scar is very thin & with the latest TRYCHOPHYTIC CLOSURE TECHNIQUE offered by plastic surgeons hairs grow through the scar which makes it inconspicuous.

This technique is prefered when graft requirement is high (3000-4000) & patients with curly hairs


The procedure takes place under local anaesthetia. From start to finish, it normally lasts between 4-7 hours depending on the area to be treated.


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